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When you think of sleep apnea or other sleep breathing disorder, you may think you already know the signs. Snoring, gasping for breath and restless sleep may come immediately to mind. But other symptoms of these conditions can be less noticeable, or less not well-known. One of these signs is not talked about much at all, or s, it’s in whispers among moms. The symptom we are talking about is bedwetting, and it’s common among kids with undiagnosed or untreated sleep breathing disorders (SBD), such as sleep apnea.

How Common?
Bedwetting beyond potty training age is more common for kids with sleep breathing disorders than you may know. Statistics show that one in six children between the ages of four and 12 suffer experience bedwetting.

How Are They Connected?
Bedwetting and sleep breathing disorders such as sleep apnea are connected because when you’re living with untreated SBDs, the body is not getting restful sleep. It’s not reaching the stage of sleep where the body turns of urine production, which causes the bladder to fill up and urination to occur during the night.

Another Thing That Happens
When your child does not make it to the stage of restful sleep, another thing happens—or should we say doesn’t happen. The brain does not get a chance to regulate hormones, which can have negative impacts on the body, too. One significant implication of sleep breathing disorders for kids is that growth hormone is not produced, which means kids living with sleep breathing disorders such as sleep apnea are smaller than their peers.

Other Signs of Sleep Breathing Disorders include:

Mouthbreathing regularly—not just when sick with a cold, sinus congestion or allergies.

Behavioral problems. Kids with undiagnosed sleep apnea or other sleep breathing disorders often incorrectly diagnosed as having ADD, ADHD, ODD or other behavioral disorders. They are also often characterized as lazy or slow because they frequently struggle with school works.

Nightmares or night terrors. Sleep breathing disorders mean less oxygen for your brain, which can cause stress and put the brain in stress and triggers a “flight or fight” response and bad dreams.

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