Dallas Orthodontic Specialist For Early Facial Growth

Dallas Orthodontic Specialist for Early Facial Growth Guidance

dallas orthodontic specialist for early facial growth guidanceHelp Your Child Face the World with Confidence

If your child…
– Has baby teeth with NO spacing
– Has a gummy smile
-Has an Underbite
-Has a crossbite
-Has baby teeth that look they they are all tipped in towards the tongue
-Has a narrow/high upper palate
-Has snoring or any audible breathing at night
-Has their lips apart mouth breathing more than together
-Has a lop to tooth habit
….it’s time to call our Dallas orthodontic specialist for early facial growth guidance.

Mainstream orthodontics teaches that all jaw growth is genetic and cannot be changed, and that there is no way other than surgery to change your profile until later in life, after facial development and growth is complete. Orthotropics™ was developed by Dr. John Mew and has 50 years of evidence showing there is another way: by changing the oral rest posture, facial development and growth can be guided towards favorable jaw growth.

you want to learn about facial growth

Favorable jaw growth = horizontal growth resulting in a balanced face and strong jawline. (Picture used courtesy of Dr. John Mew)

facial growth guidance in dallas tx

Unfavorable jaw growth = vertical growth resulting in a long face and weak jawline (Picture used courtesy of Dr. John Mew)

Dr. Darin Ward has extensive training in Orthotropics by Drs John and Mike Mew as well as Dr. Bill Hang and is now providing Orthotropic™ treatment for children ages 3 to 12 yrs, and is utilizing the diagnostic concepts of airway maximization and full facial development in his diagnosis and treatment-planning for adults.

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