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Early Facial Growth Guidance – Orthotropics™ in Dallas, TX

orthotropic in dallas txEnsure Your Child’s Proper Facial Development with a Simple yet Elegant Postural Appliance System

From conception, a child’s jaw and facial bones begin to grow as a result of the “dance” between Genetics (the combination of mom and dad’s DNA) + the environment.

Mainstream orthodontics teaches that all jaw growth is genetic and cannot be changed, and that there is no way other than surgery to change your profile until later in life, after facial development and growth is complete. Orthotropics™ was developed by Dr. John Mew and has 50 years of evidence showing there is another way: by changing the oral rest posture, facial development and growth can be guided towards favorable jaw growth.

orthotropic in dallas tx

Favorable jaw growth = horizontal growth resulting in a balanced face and strong jawline. (Picture used courtesy of Dr. John Mew)

orthotropic in dallas

Unfavorable jaw growth = vertical growth resulting in a long face and weak jawline (Picture used courtesy of Dr. John Mew)

Early Facial Growth Guidance – Orthotropics ™ in Dallas, Texas

Can you overcome genetics? Yes, you can! We can help ensure your child’s proper facial development to overcome genetic and environmental influences and achieve optimum health.

From conception, a child’s jaw and facial bones begin to grow as a result of genetics and environment.

Conventional orthodontics takes the approach that all jaw growth is genetic and cannot be changed, and patients must use braces and other appliances to improve their profile after facial development and growth are complete. Orthotropics ™, a modern approach to orthodontics designed to guide jaw growth and facial development, turns this theory on its head by showing that facial development and jaw growth can be changed in children by correcting poor oral rest posture — which can reduce the need for invasive interventions such as braces and surgery! 

What is Favorable Jaw Growth?

We define favorable jaw growth as horizontal growth resulting in a balanced face and strong jawline and enough room for larger, permanent teeth to erupt. (Picture used courtesy of Dr. John Mew) On the other hand, unfavorable jaw growth is vertical growth resulting in a long face, weak jawline and crowded adult teeth. (Picture used courtesy of Dr. John Mew)

What Is Orthotropics™?

Orthotropic™ treatment for children ages 3 to 12 yrs is uniquely suited to encourage favorable growth of the jaw and face and can help reduce the need for surgery or more complicated treatments later in life.

Orthotropics (™) is a holistic appliance system that is used to promote the growth of the jaws and face forward. Typically, it is used on children between the ages of 3 to 10 (but can be utilized with older individuals depending on their condition) and was conceived by Dr. John Mew, whose curiosity got the best of him when studying the underlying causes of crooked teeth. His thinking resulted in the theory of Rest Oral Posture (aka Proper Oral Posture): when the tongue is at rest, it touches the roof of the mouth. The upper and lower teeth touch, or might be slightly apart, and the lips easily come together without effort. When these conditions are in place, proper arch and face development occur.

What Does Orthotropics Do?

Dr. Ward’s Orthotropic ™ appliance system can correct abnormal upper jaw growth and issues with crowded teeth and other bite problems by widening the jaw and moving teeth into their proper position. This unique system then helps develop the lower jaw forward by putting the jaw in a correct position posturally, making the bite harmonious and favorable to the jaw joints.

The benefits of this type of treatment include proper development of posture and better breathing, which also means a reduced risk of sleep-breathing disorders (like sleep apnea) and less wear and tear on the jaw joints.

Dr. Ward is one of just a few orthodontists in North America trained in Biobloc Orthotropics. He offers this highly innovative, challenging, compliance-based, nonsurgical treatment for jaw and facial development in his Dallas, Texas, office.

Orthotropics™ Training

Over 50 years ago, Dr. John Mew came up with the concept of Orthotropics ™, based on the idea that bite malocclusions (crowded teeth, crooked teeth, buck teeth, deep overbites, crossbites, etc.) are not just genetic and inevitable, but occur as a result of oral rest posture.

While practicing as a general dentist, Dr. Ward was first exposed to Orthotropics ™ when he attended a lecture by orthodontist Dr. Mew in 2002. Dr. Ward was inspired to learn this technique to help maximize the growth and development of his young patients.

Dr. Ward is the only Dallas, Texas, orthodontist who has completed the Orthotropics ™ mini-residency being taught by Dr. Bill Hang in Westlake Village, California.

Dr. Ward is now providing Orthotropics ™ treatment for children ages 3 to 12 years and uses the diagnostic concepts of airway maximization and full facial development in his diagnosis and treatment planning for adults.

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