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Have you sought orthodontic treatment for your child’s crooked or crowded teeth or your own? But have you ever heard of a “deep bite”? Many individuals have a deep bite but aren’t aware that having a deep bite can be a problem for their oral health. Face ForWARD Orthodontics can help to treat children living with a deep bite and other orthodontic issues to help prevent jaw problems in the future. We also can help to treat adults who have been living with jaw dysfunction stemming from a deep bite, including temporomandibular joint disorder.

What Is a Deep Bite and What Causes It?

You may be surprised to find out that a deep bite is a form of bite malocclusion determined by how your top and bottom teeth behave when your jaw closes. You’re said to have a deep bite when your front upper teeth cover up your bottom lower teeth when you close your bite.

Three primary factors cause deep bites. The first factor is a lower jaw that shorter than the upper jaw because it did not grow properly. Another factor is the lower jaw is missing a tooth, making it uneven to the upper jaw. Finally, powerful biting muscles caused by grinding and clenching the teeth.

Do I Need to Worry About a Deep Bite?

Yes. It’s not just about how your bite looks; it’s about how it functions, although in many cases, deep bites are often not treated by many professionals in favor of focusing on smile aesthetics. But, here’s why you want to treat a deep bite:

An uncorrected deep bite can result in damage to the lower front teeth over time.
An untreated, deep bite can also contribute to stress on the jaw joints, which can contribute to wear and tear on the temporomandibular joints, which can result in pain, snapping, popping and cracking, stiffness and in extreme cases loss of use of the jaw.

Untreated, deep bites can cause so much wear and tear that your jaw could lock open or closed.

If you’re living with a deep bite, or suspect your child has a deep bite, schedule a consultation with Face ForWARD Orthodontics today by calling 214-304-8485.