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Interceptive Orthodontics for Children

interceptive orthodontics for childrenMaximize the Health of Your Child’s Jaw, Teeth & Facial Appearance

Although the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children have their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven, at Face ForWard Orthodontics, we believe your child’s initial orthodontic evaluation should start even earlier, at the age of 2-3 when they begin to have their posterior baby teeth erupt. We are committed to seeking and correcting the underlying cause of unfavorable jaw growth as soon as it is diagnosed. This proactive approach helps to guide the growth and development of a child’s jaw, teeth, and facial appearance.

Interceptive treatment for children at Face ForWard Orthodontics is made up of two parts:

1. Teaching Proper Rest Oral Posture and breathing habits
2. Arch Development with appliances to develop the shape of the jaws

Proper Rest Oral Posture: is the root cause of teeth and jaw problems. This is often secondary to an airway problem and related to mouth breathing rather than nasal breathing. Signs include a gummy smile, red and inflamed gums, dark circles under the eyes, forward head posture, snoring, bed wetting, tooth grinding, inability to concentrate or focus, and slower than average eating (they are usually mouth breathing while eating).

Correct Rest Oral Posture is when the lips are together without effort, the upper and lower teeth are together or only slightly apart, and the tip and body of the tongue rest in the roof of the mouth. Developing the proper rest oral posture is how a child’s face achieves balance, in addition to maintaining a balance between the tongue and cheeks.

Arch Development: When the upper and lower jaws are not growing correctly, we use appliances to help change the shape of the jaws, develop the dental arches, promote the movement of bones, and create a more balanced face and healthy smile.

Dr. Ward describes these appliances as “a substitute tongue” to help “remodel the the garage where the tongue is parked”. This creates more oral volume for the tongue to live, makes Proper Rest Oral Posture and function easier, and creates more room for the future permanent teeth, and minimizes the airway risk for the patient.

These appliances include the Crozat Appliance, the ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functional) appliance, and palatal expanders – all depending on the unique needs of the individual patient.

Dr. Ward began to study the Crozat technique in 2001 when he joined the American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics and completed their Orthodontic curriculum when he was a general dentist.

Since that time he has utilized Crozat appliances and its successors, the even lighter Kernott appliance (developed by Dr. Bob Kernott) and the ALF appliance (developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom) because:

– Their minimally invasive size which takes up LESS tongue space
– Their relative invisibility when in the mouth
– Their physiologic forces that gently move teeth
– Their versatility and what can be accomplished without bulky appliances and painful surgery

Dr. Ward will customize a plan unique for your child to address the shape of the upper and lower jaws through arch development through appliance therapy along with the Rest Oral Posture which is the root cause of the problem. This approach creates stable changes that are sustainable for a lifetime.

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