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Metal Braces in Dallas, TX

self ligating metal braces in dallas txThe Smile You Were Meant to Have with Less Friction, More Comfort

Self Ligating Braces: At Face ForWard Orthodontics, in Dallas, TX, we use Self-Ligating braces! These braces have a small “door” or “clip” that hold the wire in the bracket allowing teeth to move with lighter forces and less friction. Braces stick to teeth and act as “handles” for the wires engage and move the teeth. Having less friction and binding between the braces and wires allows the teeth to move efficiently and comfortably.

Coloured elastic “O-rings” are not required to attach the wires to the brackets with self ligating braces. That being said, if our patients keep their teeth clean after their initial visit, we give them the option to add colors of their choice to the front teeth just for fun/esthetics! Self-Ligating braces are available in metal and clear ceramic.

Modern Tech for Modern Times

The self-ligating system utilizes small, jewel-like brackets that are firmly affixed to your teeth with a strong, safe adhesive. The smaller brackets also utilize a locking-door mechanism to hold the wire in place instead of using fragile rubber bands. With smaller brackets and few to no bands, less of your smile is obstructed, allowing you to smile confidently throughout your treatment.

Easier Maintenance for Healthy Teeth & Gums

Rubber bands on older, traditional types of braces typically get food trapped under them and are a hassle to clean. This challenge can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Since our self-ligating braces system uses smaller brackets and no rubber bands, it’s easier to keep your appliance clean and free of rogue food particles. That means a healthier smile and better oral health for you.

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