Orthodontic Specialist in Dallas, Dr. Darin Ward

Meet Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Darin Ward

My name is Darin Ward, I am a preventive focused orthodontist, and I LOVE WHAT I DO!

I didn’t always have a love for dentistry and orthodontics though.

I got into dentistry on the “receiving end” of things as I had cavities/fillings in all my baby teeth, cavities and fillings in all my permanent teeth, braces, headgear, 3 root canals, and eventually 19 crowns.

Looking back at the photos of me, (that are all paper photos in these ancient things called photo albums!) I was a mouth breather from birth until my mid 20’s and beyond which, along with my lack of good brushing and flossing, my diet consisting of mostly refined foods and sodas, resulted in my sore bleedy gums and decayed teeth!

I also snored like crazy growing up (according to my dad) and this lack of oxygen to my brain explains why I wet the bed until I was 12 (yes 12!!!!) years old!

So I became friends with Dr. Paul Brent, my mountain biking dentist in college and ended up in dental school. I never considered practicing orthodontics until I was a dentist for 3 years, and I came across a 2 ½-year-old patient with a crossbite, his lower jaw was over 6mm to the right side when he bit down, and he hadn’t started speaking like the rest of his 5 brothers and sisters.

I referred him to my orthodontist who said ‘he’s way too young to do anything’. Well, his parents were persistent, and all I saw were concerned parents with a child who’s jaw was growing sideways and wasn’t speaking 1 ½ years after he should have been! I somehow made a good impression on this little dude and expanded his upper jaw for 3 months so it fit his lower jaw. His lower jaw shifted back to the center once his upper jaw as big enough and he started speaking within a month of having his appliance removed.

At that moment orthodontics was SO MUCH MORE than straightening teeth! To me, it’s about helping growing individuals maximize their growth, development, and wellness which affects their overall health.

If I had someone to help me with my breathing, proper rest oral posture habits, and jaw size at an early age, I may not have needed all the invasive dental and orthodontic procedures I endured throughout my lifetime. I prefer an “ounce of prevention” over a pound of cure anytime!

So I started doing preventive orthodontics in 2001 and eventually sold my general practice in 2006 to go back to orthodontic school from 2007-2009, and I have never looked back!

meet orthodontist dr darin ward
orthodontic specialist darin ward

Dr. Darin was “only” a mouth breather the 1st 38 years of his life contributing to his over 20 fillings, 18 crowns, orthodontics with headgear, and bed wetting until the age of 12 (YES 12!!!!).

dallas orthodontist darin ward

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