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Advanced Orthodontic Technology in Dallas, TX

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Orthodontics is not what it used to be. Modern orthodontic treatments are cutting-edge, and Face ForWard Orthodontics is no different. We offer the highest-quality, most advanced treatments and technology the industry has to offer to ensure patient comfort, successful procedures and improved patient health.

3D Digital X-Rays and Impressions with iTero – The iTero digital scanner replaces two older diagnostic methods in a single step! Say goodbye to the higher-radiation exposure of older X-rays and enjoy the convenience of instantaneous images. The 3D models of the iTero scanner also replace older methods of taking tooth impressions. You don’t need to hold a messy, bad-tasting and uncomfortable putty tray in your mouth any longer! Thanks to iTero, your diagnostic experience is healthier, more comfortable and more reliable.

i-CAT® 3D Imaging – The most advanced 3D digital X-ray available to dental professionals, the i-CAT FLX, allows us to produce diagnostic records of our patients’ teeth, along with the supporting bones, jaws and jaw joints. We can now see the relationship between your teeth in 3D, with an incredible accuracy that was not possible before.

Self-Ligating Braces – At Face ForWard Orthodontics in Dallas, Texas, we use self-ligating braces! These braces have a small “door” or “clip” that holds the wire in the bracket, allowing teeth to move with less force and less friction. Braces stick to teeth and act as “handles” for the wires to engage and move the teeth. Having less friction and binding between the braces and wires allows the teeth to move efficiently and comfortably. Colored elastic “O-rings” are not required to attach the wires to the brackets with self-ligating braces. That being said, if our patients keep their teeth clean after their initial visit, we give them the option to add colors of their choice to the front teeth just for fun! Self-ligating braces are available in metal and clear ceramic.

Dentistry’s digital bite analysis system, Tekscan or T-Scan™ offers dynamic measurment of of the bite recording a video of he timing and level of force when a patient’s teeth bite together. The T-scan allows us see and address things in the bite with a level of accuracy and precision that was not possible before this technology exisited. Dr. Darin has utilized the T-scan in his practice of dentistry and orthodontics since 2001.

Tekscan or T-Scan™ – This digital bite analysis system offers dynamic measurement of the bite and records the timing and level of force when a patient’s teeth meet. The T-Scan ™ allows us to see and address things in the bite with an extremely high level of accuracy and precision compared to conventional methods. Dr. Ward has used the T-Scan ™ in his practice of dentistry and orthodontics since 2001.

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