Pediatric Orthodontist near Highland Park TX

Pediatric Orthodontist near Highland Park, TX

pediatric orthodontist near highland park txGive Your Child the Best Possible Head Start with Early Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Ward and his team at Face ForWard Orthodontics believe that preventive orthodontic treatment is the key to healthy teeth, jaws, and human beings. As a pediatric orthodontist near Highland Park, TX, our practice focuses on wellness and prevention programs to maximize children’s growth and facial development. This unique approach to orthodontics is truly specialized and intended to prevent invasive procedures in the future such as braces, extractions, headgear, and surgery.

Why Start Early?

Early orthodontic prevention (Pre-Age 7) with our pediatric orthodontist is not simply for aesthetics, it’s about setting your child up for a lifetime of optimal jaw health and facial appearance, helping to guide the growth and development of their jaw and teeth. We begin with expectant moms and their diets (because teeth begin developing in the fetus), nursing babies who need frenectomies in order to be breastfed correctly, and children under 5 years old.

Why? Because how our face grows from the nose up is primarily genetic, but how our face grows below the nose (including the lower face, jaws, and teeth) is dependent more on Rest Oral Posture, which can substantially affect how we breathe as well as the positions of our lips, jaw, and tongue.


Orthotropics™ is an orthodontic approach that focuses on favorable facial growth to help develop a great smile. Symptoms of “unfavorable facial growth” are things like crowded teeth, crooked teeth, buck teeth, deep overbites, etc. While braces may be part of your child’s Personalized Treatment Plan, Dr. Ward strives to provide a broad approach to lifetime wellness through his practice of Orthotropics™ and the diagnostic concepts of airway maximization. The goal of this treatment is favorable jaw growth, which is defined as horizontal growth of the jaw (resulting in a balanced face and strong jawline), versus vertical growth, which results in a long face and weak jawline. Dr. Ward is now providing Orthotropics™ treatment for children ages 3 to 12 years.

Rest Oral Posture

We believe the root cause of teeth and jaw problems is poor Rest Oral Posture. This is often secondary to an airway problem and related to mouth breathing rather than nasal breathing. Signs include a gummy smile, red and inflamed gums, dark circles under the eyes, forward head posture, snoring, bed wetting, tooth grinding, inability to concentrate or focus, and slower than average eating (they are usually mouth breathing while eating).

Correct rest oral posture means that when the tongue is at rest, it touches the roof of the mouth. The upper and lower teeth touch, or might be slightly apart, and the lips easily come together without effort. This is how a child’s face achieves balance, in addition to maintaining a balance between the tongue and cheeks. At Face ForWard Orthodontics, our orthodontist has extensive training in the GOPex system of Rest Oral Posture developed by his friends/colleagues Dr. Simon Wong and Dr. Sandra Kahn. GOPex is a unique system that helps patients create proper Rest Oral Posture (Including general body posture) and function (Proper breathing, chewing and swallowing) through developing correct speaking and eating manners. Development of these habits helps your child breathe, sleep, feel, and look better through this postural orthodontic treatment for a lifetime!

Interceptive Arch Development

Underdeveloped arches are fairly common in children and are typically caused by incorrect tongue function and breathing through the mouth instead of the nose. Face ForWard’s interceptive arch development program offers nontraditional appliances to help develop arches, promote the movement of bones, and create a more balanced face and healthy smile. Crozat Therapy is holistic, treating teeth and bites but also other parts of the body, including reducing the chances of TMJ, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea, as well as improving airway health.

ALF – The Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliance is an alternative way to address the fundamental causes of crooked teeth. Light flexible wires are used to develop the upper jaw and move the midface frontward, most times without the need for teeth extraction.

Crozat Therapy – In children, Crozat appliances allow nearly invisible development of the dental arches to make room for permanent teeth and avoid painful extractions. The light forces of Crozat appliances are far more gentle and physiologic than those of and bulky acrylic “jack-screw” appliances that “rapidly expand the palate.” Since it’s a removable appliance, the Crozat allows better oral hygiene for both adults and children. They are utilized in children as a phase I appliance to make room for teeth and in adult cases where arch width is needed before braces or with clear aligners.

Expanders – When children have a crossbite or overcrowding in their upper jaw, an expander may be recommended. An expander is common in early orthodontic care and is used to widen the upper jaw, stimulate bone growth, and make way for larger teeth. The appliance is attached to the upper teeth and each day, a parent “turns” it with the provided key to expand the appliance and help widen the jaw.

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