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What To Expect

what to expect dallas tx orthodontic officeAt Face ForWard Orthodontics, it is our mission to motivate and empower our patients by giving you a thorough understanding of your condition and treatment options so you can make an informed decision about your health. To accomplish this, we dedicate specific time at our Dallas, TX orthodontic office to understanding your treatment goals and dental history before we begin treatment. This gives Dr. Darin extra time to study your case, and provides more detailed information so he can thoroughly understand your concerns and goals, ensuring that your expectations are met and exceeded!

Getting Started: Your First Three Appointments

Appointment #1 Initial Exam & Consultation, Records
Approx. 40 Minutes

Your first visit starts with a tour of our welcoming and state-of-the-art Dallas, TX orthodontic facility, led by one of our friendly administrative assistants. Next, one of our clinicians will take intra-oral and extra-oral photos and review your concerns and the pertinent dental and medical history you provided in your online Patient Intake Form.

Click here to fill out your Patient Intake Form.

You will then meet Dr. Darin Ward (he prefers to be called Dr. Darin) and he will listen to your concerns and review your history. After finding out who you are and what you would like to see happen, Dr. Darin will then perform a clinical exam that includes a head and neck cancer screening, and an evaluation of your head and neck muscles, jaw movements, TMJ’s, your gum tissue, and last but not least your teeth and their arrangement.

After the clinical exam, we will discuss your preliminary findings and treatment options, including treatment time and cost, and answer any questions you may have regarding your dental health.

If you are ready to begin treatment, we will take appropriate x-rays and our friendly administrative assistant can then answer any questions you may have about our flexible financing and will schedule your next visit.

At this time, you and your general dentist will receive a letter that describes your initial findings and treatment options.

Before your next visit, Dr. Darin will thoroughly go over your records, review your x-rays and clinical exam findings, and work up your case.

Appointment #2 Treatment Consult & Begin Treatment
Approx. 40 Minutes

Your second visit begins with a consult to go over the findings from your case workup that Dr. Darin completed after reviewing your records. As these findings may affect the original treatment plan options, we want to make sure you know all your options so you can make an educated decision about your or your child’s health.

A letter with findings from the comprehensive records and exam appointment, as well as your definitive diagnosis and treatment plan will be provided to you, and your general dentist, after this appointment.

We will then get started by making impressions and a bite record of your teeth on which to make your appliances or indirectly place your braces.

Appointment #3 Review Your GOPex Posture Exercises, Deliver Your Appliance(s) or Install Your Braces!
Approx. One Hour

Depending on your individualized treatment plan, you will receive your braces or appliance(s), postoperative instructions including a care package with everything you’ll need to care for your appliance(s) and/or braces and to keep your teeth clean during treatment.

Learn More About What to Expect at Face ForWard Orthodontics

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