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Best Orthodontist in Dallas, TX

See Why Over 4,000 Patients Have Trusted Their Happy Smiles to Face ForWard Orthodontics

Are you looking for high-quality orthodontic care from a provider who strives to be the best orthodontist in Dallas, TX? Choosing a new orthodontist can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you’re looking for one who is experienced, uses cutting-edge technology, offers affordable financing, and provides top-notch care. Our expert orthodontist, Dr. Darin Ward, knows what it takes to provide all this and more. He offers the highest quality orthodontic care available with lasting results – and a personal touch you won’t find anywhere else. Below are just some of the reasons why our patients trust their smiles to Face ForWard Orthodontics.

All patient photos are actual Face ForWard Orthodontics patients!

Preventing Braces In Young Children

Our mission at Face ForWard Orthodontics is to provide patients with a wellness and orthodontic prevention program to maximize children’s growth and development with the goal of avoiding invasive procedures like extractions, headgear, and surgery and even braces or aligners! This is more about the JAWS than the teeth and starts with expecting moms, nursing babies, and focuses on children under 5 years old – it’s about children’s jaw growth, their rest oral posture, and how it affects their breathing. We take the time to engage the human beings attached to the teeth with holistic /wellness options including laser frenectomies on tongue/lip ties, Orthotropics-jaw growth guidance, and helping people be the best version of themselves they can be.

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Care Far Beyond Straight Teeth

When it comes to children and interceptive treatment, it is about their JAW GROWTH (Not the teeth) and the teeth are merely along for the ride. Your child only gets one chance to grow and develop and then its done.

Our orthodontic prevention program aims to maximize your child’s genetic potential focusing the development of proper Rest Oral Posture, general posture, Nasal Breathing, and diet and lifestyle habits, all of which is affect how the jaw grow!

Call us at 214-304-8485 or click here to see how we can help you and your family!

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Dallas, TX Orthodontist with Extensive Experience

Since graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry in1998, Dr. Ward and his teams have provided happy, healthy smiles to over 3,000 patients. At Face ForWard Orthodontics it is our mission to Lead others to be the best version of themselves with Integrity, respect and POSITIVE ENTHUSIASM by being the best version of ourselves! We do this by providing preventive, growth & development, airway focused orthodontic care to the people we serve.

With his commitment to changing lives, Dr. Ward brings excellence and compassion to the table every day with 19 years of experience in orthodontics! He has been a general dentist for 9 years and an orthodontist for 11 years. He is one of less than a dozen orthodontists in the world trained in Orthotropics™.

In addition to completing over 3,500 hours of continuing education, Dr. Ward served as the president of the Lane County Dental Society and is the current president of the American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics. He is also a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.

This level of education and experience is a huge part of our commitment to offering our patients the highest quality orthodontic care and treatment.

To benefit from Dr. Ward’s extensive experience, click here or call 214-304-8485 to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to meeting you!

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Advanced Technology

Dr. Darin and the Face ForWard Orthodontics Team embrace the latest advancements in modern orthodontic technology to better serve you. This includes impressionless 3D scans of the shape and position of your teeth with our iTero intraoral scanner, 3D digital images of your jaws and teeth the with our i-CAT scanner, and computerized “movie” of your bite with the TekScan. These tools will help Dr. Ward to help YOU determine the best course of action for you or your child’s smile journey. In addition, we offer virtual consultations for your convenience!

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Weekend Appointments and Appointments Before & After Work or School

At Face ForWard Orthodontics, we understand that our patients have busy lives, often filled with sports, academics, and other daily commitments. We’re committed to providing the highest quality orthodontic care to our patients and want to make the treatment process as convenient for you as possible. To accommodate our patients’ busy schedules, we conveniently offer appointment hours before and after work/school and on the weekends. Dr. Ward is dedicated to being the best orthodontist in Dallas, TX and to ensuring it’s as easy as possible for you to Put Your Best Face ForWard!

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Same-Day Appointments & Starts

At Face ForWard Orthodontics, you can find comfort in knowing that your orthodontic needs are our priority. We don’t put you on a waiting list for your first appointment like other orthodontic offices might do. You won’t have to wait weeks or months just to find out that your transition to a new smile can’t start for several weeks. Our team at Face ForWard Orthodontics will get you in the door as quickly as possible, even on the same day that you call us! Additionally, we can get started on your braces and orthodontic treatment on the same day as your appointment (if needed). We welcome you to explore this option and discuss your preferences with our orthodontist.

To get started on your best smile, click here or call 214-304-8485 to reach our Dallas, TX, office and schedule your Face ForWard New Patient Consultation today!

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Virtual Consultations

At Face ForWard Orthodontics, we understand that life is busy for everyone. We want to make achieving your best smile easy to fit into your daily schedule. That’s why we’re proud to offer virtual consultations to all our patients.

We start with an initial video explaining our process. You will then answer a series of questions, fill out new patient forms, and take pictures and a video to send to us. We will then follow up with a video or call (your choice) if necessary to answer any questions you may have. Next, you will select a time to meet with Dr. Ward via Zoom video technology to discuss his recommended treatment and course of action.

After this, you will schedule a time to come into our office and begin treatment. It’s that easy!

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Treatment Without Tooth Extractions

At Face ForWard Orthodontics, our approach to treatment focuses on prevention techniques to maximize oral development and overall wellness and avoid invasive procedures like tooth extractions and retraction of teeth to close spaces. During your comprehensive Face ForWard New Patient Consultation, we will educate you on our available treatment options, our recommendations, and discuss any concerns or questions you may have about our process. We will work to come up with treatment options that address your chief concern, your unique case, provide you with the smile you are meant to have, and fit into your schedule and budget. Contact us today to get started!

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New Patient Consultation

No two people and no two smiles are exactly alike. That’s why Face ForWard Orthodontics offers every new patient our Face ForWard New Patient Consultation that is customized for the individual. This important initial visit includes a discussion of your goals, review of your medical/dental/airway history, and a clinical orthodontic exam with digital x-rays, 3D scans of your teeth, and a treatment consultation with Dr. Ward.

During your new patient appointment, we will take the time to answer any questions you may have about your condition and treatment options including flexible payment options and scheduling. We always want to make sure you’re fully informed before making a treatment decision.

When you are ready to learn more about Face ForWard Orthodontics, give us a call at 214-304-8485 to reach our Dallas, TX, office or click here to request your Face ForWard New Patient Consultation. We can’t wait to bring out the magic in your smile!

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Photo used with permission of Dr. Brian Hockel

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Your teeth are expected to shift and move throughout your lifetime. Without proper Rest Oral Posture (What we refer to as “Mother Nature”s Retainer!) and consistency in wearing your retainers after treatment (fulltime for the 1st 6 months then “nightime for lifetime”) your teeth will tend to move back towards their initial positions.

We understand that orthodontic treatment is a considerable investment. This is why we offer you a lifetime satisfaction guarantee for orthodontic treatment (YES, I said lifetime satisfaction guarantee!) If you ever require orthodontic treatment again, even if the re-treatment is necessary because you didn’t wear your retainers we will straighten your teeth again for FREE. No, you will never pay for the cost of braces twice in our office *

* You will only be responsible for paying for your new retainers, and any lab fees incurred if your treatment was with Aligners.

lifetime guarantee for braces airway orthodontics

We Pay it Forward to Organizations in the Communities We Serve

Playing an active role in the community is great for everyone involved. Dr. Ward and his Teams have always made paying it forward to the community a priority. They have contributed over $187,000 in charitable donations since 2011. They have also contributed their time and care participating in “Give Kids a Smile” and Dentistry from the Heart. Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

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Spanish-Speaking Orthodontist

Queremos que su tratamiento sea una experiencia cómoda y placentera para usted y su familia. Si prefiere hablar en español por favor marque este número: 214-304-8485.

Face ForWard Orthodontics is committed to offering high-quality orthodontic care to every person in Dallas, TX who needs it. That’s why we extend our services to the Spanish-speaking community. We want to make orthodontic care a seamless and comfortable process for you and your family. If you live in the Dallas, TX area and are looking for a Spanish-speaking orthodontist who can accommodate you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ward today!

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Treatment Fee Reductions

In the ever-changing world of orthodontics, all treatments and levels of care are not alike. Our experienced orthodontist is committed to providing the highest quality care to all our patients and never wants a patient to resort to sub-par treatment due to financial concerns. That’s why Face ForWard Orthodontics provides affordable, high-quality treatment that fits any schedule and budget, and we have finance options that will give you something to smile about! We also proudly offer treatment fee reductions on treatment to the following:

  • Members of the military
  • Patients with family members in treatment with us
  • Patients who pay-in-full for treatment
  • Free Orthodontics through the Smiles Change Lives program

Want to learn more about quality orthodontic care at an affordable price? Request your Face ForWard New Patient Consultation today and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you find a treatment that fits your budget.

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Flexible Financing

At Face ForWard Orthodontics, we offer various payment options so you don’t have to sacrifice expert care for affordable treatment. This include pay in full with a treatment fee reduction, and payment plans over time to fit treatment into your schedule and budget. We also help you maximize any insurance and/or flex spending benefits you may have.

Your oral health should never be put on hold due to cost, and we work to provide the most flexible payment offers available to you. It’s all part of Dr. Ward’s commitment to being the best orthodontist in Dallas, TX!

Schedule your appointment for 5-star-rated orthodontic treatment by calling 214-304-8485. You may also click here to use our convenient online form. We can’t wait to meet you!

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As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Dallas, TX our doctor and team at Face ForWard Orthodontics also provide 5-star orthodontic care to patients from Highland Park, University Park & Lakewood, TX, and Surrounding Areas.